Album Cover
Soft Side of Dark
Bridie O'Brien
Released: Jul 1, 2006
Label: Bruiser Jones
Track Listing
1 Liar
2 Coconut
3 Whole Lotta Love
4 Violent Interpretations of Your Sexy Glance
5 Grey
6 Face of a Killer
7 Black
8 Had a Thought
9 Angels
10 Stooges

Liner Notes

Bridie O'Brien's debut release 'Soft Side of Dark' is a beautiful album that shows off her 5 piece band. A folk album heavily influenced by her country roots and blues rock guitar style. The album features Kate Adam's on Cello, Stuart West on Flugal horn, trumpet and harmonica, Brian Cachia on drums, Kenny Feather on bass and Hunter Brown on keys.

It was released nationally through MGM distribution.

'Soft Side of Dark' is available on iTunes.