Back from a Caribbean dream...

Early February this year saw me on one of many planes bound for the Caribbean to meet my friend and producer Syd Green in Anguilla. A self funded search for happiness and to excavate the songs that I had buried away. Anguilla is a remote, goat and rum ridden unruly country bearing resemblance at times to the third world. Most locals hitch hike across the country or drive beat up door-less cars. There are a few sports cars here and there. Tourists are thin spread and reek of the ultra wealthy elite. A six pack of corona is $7 US. A litre of top shelf rum is $10US. A small block of cheese is $8 US, an unusual value system that took some time to comprehend.

It is hot, humid and has the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

Syd had access to a gorgeous sounding drum kit, some designer mics and a protools 003 rig and laptop. I brought over 1 acoustic guitar from Oz and thanks to the generosity of a local boy named Romaro who let me borrow his electric guitar, we set forth to make an EP. We had a spectacular view of the ocean and not much else. We made percussion from pebbles, rum bottles, a broken fan, cutlery, sticks and parmesan jars. I wrote songs without words and some with. We battled power and water outages for hours at a time, sometimes a few days. I arrived broken in spirit from a downhearted 2 years and a sore body from working too hard to even afford the journey. Within hours though, I started to heal and a few days later I started to love and forgive myself.... I also had an epiphany of gratitude, which has stayed with me.

The songs are so different. But each one is visited by the steel pan drum.

We recorded in a haunted plantation house from 1767 and a prestigious art academy on the cliff facing towards Barbados. We also recorded in a hand built church.

We were faced with low-fi options and technical challenges, and even though I could have over-dubbed back here in Australia, I decided not to. I wanted this EP to remain true to its creation. It was made in Anguilla and every sound you hear was crafted there.

The songs vary in subject matter. 'Doggy Point Mix' was inspired after being forced to walk past a native couple having doggy style sex on a car. They blocked our only path and they wouldn’t stop or move. It was extremely confrontational. Therefore, pretty funny once we made it home to relive the event. One of many stories.

The songs were produced by Syd Green and myself. Syd Green mixed and mastered the EP.

We used a drum kit, electric guitar, iphone apps, steel pan drum, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and toilet roll trumpets as the instruments.

Making it was amazing and I am so glad I took a chance on myself.

I hope you enjoy it all.

THE CARIBBEAN SESSIONS will be released on itunes on the 10th June. Full band EP launch at the Vanguard on the 17th June 2014.

The first single HEY LITTLE BUDDY is currently available on itunes.

Mixed and mastered by Syd Green.

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