Back from NZ with a clip of gold

SO THE NORTH ISLAND of New Zealand is breathtaking and I was brave enough to steal the equally as breathtaking Vanessa Cole and fly over there in a little plane to shoot a video clip for my song Loch Ness. NZ is cold and snowy in June, but with the warmth of a $14.95 electric heater and a Monteiths lager to guide us, we unravelled the mysteries and magic of early morning mist to deliver us to a clip of gold.

The Loch Ness video features this hauntingly beautiful actor in eery and spectacular NZ scenery. After 24 hours of road mileage, we found our 'inner Wes Craven' and have produced a humble offering that illustrates the beauty of this great nation, whilst capturing the essence of the story told by the guitar in this, my personal favourite, instrumental composition. I hope you crack a $50 bottle of Pinot and find an old leather recliner by a wood fire, open your laptop and explore our little work of love in its entirety. And then share it with your friends and grandparents.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel DOBROSIS if you feel like it on the night. Everything I do, I do for the love of art and beauty.


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