Knock Knock...

Im paranoid enough wading through the conversations, swapping gold for ciggarettes, fantasising about lush locations.

Hey. Im back from a wintery slumber. Asleep for too long in a steampunk scene, littered with neverending dreams and unreasonable mirrors. Ive lost friends, buried fathers, lost brothers, dealt with dramas. Its been 4 years of survival, reinvention, revival. I am feeling meek and sharp. I am ready to chop and laugh.

Hey. Im back. Where've you been? Or are we meeting for the first time?..

Im starting from scratch here. No record label's or fair weather's. Just me and the music I have made.

It is a gift for me. It is a gift for you.

It's Rock n Roll. It's big heart and bruised soul.

It is personal. So stay in touch.

If you like what you hear, then dont wait for the train. Buy a copy of my album and shoot right through.



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