Bridie O'Brien- The Caribbean Seesions
"The Caribbean Sessions is as sun-dappled and languid as the island of Anguilla, where it was recorded.

The album was created by O’Brien and drummer, producer and enabler Syd Green – the same dynamic duo behind Highway Heart ­– and recorded in various rooms across the island, including a haunted plantation house and a hand-built church.

O’Brien arrived with an acoustic guitar and not much else. She borrowed a beautiful black electric guitar from a local boy called Romano and her and Green made percussion from rum bottles, cutlery and other home-made percussives. Like true future-primitives they used pebbles and they used iPhone apps.

They made music from whatever was at hand. Toilet-roll trumpets show up on the recording, as does the ubiquitous Caribbean steel pan drum which adds its bird-like bell song to all six tracks.

The gentle steel drum which opens the album is all but crushed by the heavy guitar of ‘Hey Little Buddy’ which rolls across the track like storm clouds over sea. It’s heavy but it is a love song, a song of friendship." [Read More...]
Highway Heart REVIEW
“Roots, Blues and Rock n Roll songwriter Bridie O’Brien – for years now a bighearted fixture at festivals and rock venues around Australia – built her new album, Highway Heart with just two people. Recorded with polymath producer Syd Green at his Sanctuary Point studio, Mononest, O’Brien plays everything (guitars, lap steel and piano) but bass and drums which Green provides. It is testament to her talent (too weak a word for something this soulful) that Bridie O’Brien can howl 'Rock n Roll Outlaw’ and a few songs later sweetly croon her own ‘Country Song’ – In a genre that grows creatively narrower and narrower in a mistaken crusade for ‘honesty’ and ‘realness’, Highway Heart captures them both and finds time for musical adventure and daring originality. God bless the non-purists…” ~John Hardaker
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