Loch Ness
Jul 14, 2014
Filmed all over New Zealand's north island in June/July 2014.
Featuring the enigmatic actor Vanessa Cole.
Written, filmed and directed by Bridie and Vanessa.
Vanessa is a NIDA graduate and can be contacted through Rebekah Biasi Management.

Bridie and Syd in Anguilla
Jun 5, 2014
Bridie and Syd perform live in a hand built church in the Caribbean. St Gerard's was built in the 60's without the aid of power tools. "The Church" is the name of the track and this version features on Bridie's forthcoming release THE CARIBBEAN SESSIONS. Available from iTunes from 10th June 2014.
Feb 17, 2014
today in ANI Art Acadamy Anguilla. Live tracking of original song for forthcoming album 16.02 2014
Journey to Anguilla
Feb 14, 2014
This is how I got to Anguilla. It wasn't easy and it is remote, mind blowin. This paradise, this desert island, this land of one traffic light and freedom to express, is breathtakingly beautiful.
Caribbean Project 2014 - Part 1
Jul 31, 2013
Video diary of the journey to Anguilla. I will be making my third album there in Feb 2014. Please follow the video diary on youtube and subscribe to MonoNesttube or dobrosis. You can also be apart of the album by clicking the donate button on this website. You will be mentioned on the artwork if you donate $45 or more.
Caribbean Project 2014 - Part 2
Jul 31, 2013
Video diary ping pong across the Atlantic. Syd Green and I have started to send each other video ideas for the making of a Caribbean record.
Our Melbourne tour..
Apr 19, 2012
...the magic of Syd Green strikes again.
I love my beautiful band mates. Ned Wu, Oli Pieterse, Syd Green and Stu West. Everyone's first names have only 3 letters. That is pretty spunky.
Promo 2012
Feb 18, 2012
At home
Dec 31, 2011
Test driving the new camera app....
Rock n Roll Outlaw
Nov 26, 2011
Bridie cover's a Rose Tattoo classic.